The relationship between Volkswagen vs platinum price

The relationship between Volkswagen  vs  platinum price

Volkswagen shares, platinum price the relationship between the Combustion Integrated electric cars, to the commodity market-platinum
The main use of platinum is in catalytic converters to reduce emissions, especially from diesel vehicles, Fuel cell, which contains platinum catalysts

Economically addition to the costs incurred due to the current crisis, we must not forget production increases are also declining in terms of low world raw prices such as copper, platinum, In addition, the emphasis on the development of electric vehicles could help push the company in the right direction.

Volkswagen’s production capacity increased because the rate of the euro falls = supports increasing exports, competitiveness, attractive pricing, and compliance with, the future expectations of selling new cars in the world.

From the technical view: the nearest resistance stays in 131 area after we should pay attention to 147-150 and above it to 180 area the major resistance.

Near support stay in 115 and below it 103-109 area.

Volkswagen manufactures vehicles worldwide – costs in Euro – Euro weakened steadily against the dollar – a reduction factors of production, on the other hand falling commodity prices, contributes to reducing costs, and increasing export capacity – lower the vehicle price in dollars  gives greater competitiveness and a better chance for recovery from the scandal
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