Turkish lira 2017 Forecast Technical Analysis Update

Turkish lira 2017 Forecast Technical analysis update

Turkish Lira all-time low again , what next?
2017 opened with massive movements on currency markets, with an impressive strengthening of the dollar against all currencies

Well, what do we have
Each week a new record where is the end …….

We received a quick run to the area just as I had only moved, they went 6 days Last Review

Turkish lira forecast
Turkish lira

Now there are several options:

The first option – breaking area of 3.82-3.86  will lead the usd try  to cope with  + 4.10
Option Two: Amendment to the 3.55 to 3.59 area  and from there back to the peak, with the possibility of hacking the last high
A third option: correction down to 3.50 + _ and then re-examine the usd try  pair again

Turkish lira Technical analysıs

Turkish lira Trend 

Hope you follow that Turkish dollar pair is very very rewarding, starting the last two years is very quick powerful movements, just need to stick to the trend as mentioned previously in front of you and be careful, of course, it does not eur/usd 30-40 pips stop here, all in accordance with the liquidity and volatility of the currency off course.

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usd try technical analysis
usd try 

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