Turkish lira (USD/TRY) Forecast

Turkish lira (USD/TRY) The All-Story 

This year Turkish lira weakened against the dollar by almost 15%
There are many reasons for weakening of the Turkish lira, whether economic net, whether political or everlasting
The dollar raises his head following a declaration of interest near future – almost certainly the fed Yellen will raise interest rates, more than 90% for this happen
US rate hike course, strengthens the dollar, in particular, against the currencies of the most vulnerable countries, such as Mexico, Turkey and some
  (Due to the election of the new President Trump and his views)
Last week I wrote a post on the Turkish lira, went assume that we have seen record lows in the Turkish lira – the technical base
In retrospect, I was wrong, the Turkish lira continued to weaken, and culminated in a new low against the dollar over the weekend

Turkish lira (USD/TRY) analysis

Turkish lira (USD/TRY) 

The situation is not easy to analyze – on the one hand, one cannot ignore the strong dollar trend worldwide, and the increasing likelihood of further hikes in interest rates.
On the other hand, we have an extreme situation here technically, I’m not talking about the graph of day’s weeks or months, I’m talking about a period of more than a decade.
The success rates, technical analysis of the Turkish lira since the beginning of the most impressive reviews were almost 80% – it does not matter, so I just wrap this aspect
If I repeat, if until today, more than 80% of the surgeries were successful Turkish lira, it speaks for itself

Currently the technical aspect
The Turkish Lira is in sales of excess stress, oscillators, and other technical tools that I use
I sharpen the analysis: Arrival to the high price level in the 3.44 to 6 possible,
Again I think as I said, and wrote in a previous post that will not be easy
daily close below 3.33-4 will start the correction move

Turkish lira (USD/TRY)  review

Turkish lira (USD/TRY)

I would like to pay your attention

If you look at the graph of the Turkish Lira, you will see moves of the increases are sharp and quick, unlike the declines are more moderate, and persist longer period of time – this is due to the interest: when traders sell the Turkish lira, they pay swap ,interest rates are against the position currently the interest rate in turkey is  8.50% and therefore moves of weakness are usually faster and last a shorter time.
While that when you are buying the Turkish lira, given the interest rate, and it’s worth sitting for longer time on the position – you get swaps

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