Turkish lira (usd/try) technical analysis

Turkish lira (USD/TRY) Technical Analysis Forecast 

Turkish lira falls more than 5.0 % against the dollar yesterday evening To 3.01

As I wrote not once we are about to see some big move On the usdtry / Turkish lira 

What’s next: break the last record will lead the Turkish lira to 3.25-8 area +_as long as the price will break up the last record at 3.0780 on daily basis ,from the other hand break down 2.83 price will lead for major downtrend moves
The atmosphere of the world’s strongest dollar and fear of the unknown, Will push for further course of weakening of the Turkish lira

usdtrry forecast
The Turkish government is reasserting control over the nation following the attempted coup Friday night. Head administrator Binali Yildirim called it a “stain on vote based system,” including the legislature was back charge.
A gathering of Turkish military officers said late Friday it was assuming control over the nation keeping in mind the end goal to reestablish vote based system. It’s misty who drove the overthrow or the amount of bolster it had inside Turkey’s military.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was in the midst of some recreation, came back to Istanbul a couple of hours after the upset started. He said its coordinators would confront the “most noteworthy cost” and encouraged his supporters to take to the boulevards. His partners, including the U.S. what’s more, NATO, encouraged the reclamation of majority rules system.

Turkish Lira technical analysis:

Turkish lira technical analysis
Turkish Lira

Break up 2.98-3.00 will lead the usdtry to 3.25-3.28 price level, while before that we have resistance at 2.89-2.91
Below that we have 2.86 zones would lead to 2.83 and to 2.79
Breakdown 2.78 level will send the pair to the 2.65-66
Conversely up crossing the 2.87 area confirming the continuation of the main trend

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