USD one more step before the sequel or its just the beginning


Forex market Step Forward Two Back Scubido”
Dollar Index broke above the key 90.00 level, the biggest spike since Dec 2016 – to its highest level since mid-January. With net speculative positioning at extreme shorts
Some of the pairs in the forex market are facing critical junction points for a further move against the dollar in the world.
I will try to give a broad overview of some of them, following the previous post,
And will focus this time on the big picture of the trend in the foreign exchange market,
There are several pairs that have been shuffling for a very long time, and where a direction reading for a move, breakout or breakout will signal a big move and a clearer move, while the others are in a clearer and more visible trend, such as the Euro and the Yen where the limits of the big move are not far from a change of trend. A long-term move is not short

position map overlook
forex position 

EUR/USD technical analysis

Failed to take out 1.2560 resistance and retreated, break up again on daily basis 1.2560 price level will confirm medium term rally resumption and target next key Fibonacci level at 1.2860
However, sustained price below will extend the consolidation pattern from 1.2091 key support with another decline through 1.1760 support.
It’s still early to decide whether price action form 1.0339 is developing into a corrective or impulsive pattern, in the bigger picture this is still seen as a corrective move for the moment.

Euro-Dollar pair produce the same move and pattern that were in the past

In case of another rally, we’d expect 38.2% retracement of 1.6039 to 1.0339 at 1.2560 to limit upside and or even to yellow strip at 1.2830 and bring reversal.
Meanwhile, EUR/USD remains mildly on the upside.

GBP/USD technical analysis

Long-term chart is showing to us that As long as GBP USD will stay above 1.360+_ Key support the trend is up, the medium-term outlook in GBP USD will remain bullish as long Short term charts show us that as long GBP USD will stay above 1.3600+_ the trend is up

Told you last week that there is a strange situation on this pair with position map 

Short-term support stays in 1.3890, resistance in 1.4020, above this, the price  GBP USD could test upper levels at  1.4560-1.4620 price area while crossing those prices will send GBP USD  to the 1.4920+_ price area with Further targets that could hit the top at 1.55 price area!
Look yellow strip on the charts (since his top at 2.11 at 2007 the journey is followed by correction moves who’s triggered by this yellow strip two times before at 2009 and 2014 ‘ will it stop again in this point? or the journey up finished?
Below 1.3300 price area, it could bring larger down trend resumption, while we have first to meet 1.3080. On the downside, break of 1.2840 support will indicate short-term topping. If it will fail to stay above the level, it will be turned back to the downside for 1.2640 support current
Meanwhile, GBP/USD remains mildly on the upside.

USD/JPY technical analysis

The trend is still bearish as long as USD JPY stay below 109.70+_ resistance. Considering bullish convergence condition only decisive if there will be break adobe 109.70 it will indicate term reversal. In such case, outlook will be turned bullish. But on the other hand, Break down again lows of 106.40 will confirm more lows to the 100.70+_ target price, minor resistance stay in 108.30 price area.
Minor support area stay in 106.40 -107.30 / Minor resistance area stay in 108.10-108.30

See this post at the bottom of the USD/JPY  is still far away

Meanwhile, USD/JPY remains mildly on the downside

USD/TRY technical analysis

Long-term trend forecast moved is still up as long as 3.67 will hold!
Break below 3.67 on weekly basis will send the Turkish to 3.49 and after to test 3.24 -upper limits for this round on my opinion is limited to 4.18-4.22

A weekly close above 3.8970+- will confirm for more down moves
Points to pay attention: 3.93-4+_   / 3.87  / 3.83+_ / 3.74+_/3.66
Short-term trend forecast: Break below 4.01 will send the Turkish to 3.93- below this levels, you need to watch long-term trends mentions above
Meanwhile, USD/TRY remains mildly on the upside
AUD/USD technical analysis

Support area level stay in 0.7620, 0.7540,0.7460.0.7370
Resistance area level stay in 0.7960,0.8060,0.8180,0.8640
We may see a bounce next week to 0.77 price area again, but if 0.7430 price level gives way then the AUD/USD could start a much deeper correction.
Meanwhile, AUD/USD remains natural
NZD/USD technical analysis

Pay attention to the pattern – it could be that we see here Gartley pattern’ this the situation so we should expect to see lower number below the last lows, while a break above 0.7340-0.7460 could take him to 0.79 area
The NZD/USD might need to see further strength to move above the 0.7340-0.74400 resistance, which could indicate make new highs at 0.79 area; break below 0.6940+_ may expose what could be another step down below the previous lows key resistance area below the 0.6760 level
Meanwhile, NZD/USD remains natural

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