usdtry price correction is on the way ???

Turkish lira potential correction on the way ?

From my last post on 20.8.2015 :
USD/TRY made sharp move this early morning and climbing to 3.0 area.
we could see that the strong move today suggests lira selling could be related to triggering digital options at the 3.00 mark in an liquid market, we need to watch how the trend will continue later on cause im see The move similarity January 2014 
support levels :    2.89-2.90
major support:     2.73 2.69

Update for 30.9.2015:
look closely on chart i can see pattern(shark pattern)
if that the case we should expect to see the usdtry  heading to lower numbers 
break down 2.96-7 will confirm the corrections is here and we probably see 
2.87-2.92 areas 

support levels :    2.89-2.90
major support:    2.79

usdtry technical  analysis

usdtry price
Turkish lira

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