What does the statistics of the month of February in the markets say Will this time also be so?

markets statistic analysis

I stopped for a moment to check out something I remember from the markets and this is the February statistics
As far as I can remember from the memory of the past – the month of February tends to be reversed in the first half compared to the second half
I said let’s check
took the graph of the SP500 index and put numbers and statistics on the graph
You can see a very interesting thing that the opening of the month and closing are almost the same numbers!
Although there have been months in which there was a strong fluctuation below the index closed almost as it started
What is more interesting is to go to years in which there were landslides
2007 and 2008 and there it can be seen also
Will the month of February 2018 markets also be such?

markets analysis
markets statistics 

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