What would happen to the Pound tomorrow in Brexit?

pound sterling analysis after Brexit 

Brexit – countdown to the UK’s historic EU breakaway will begin on Wednesday March 29, 2017, Theresa May informed the European council that she will trigger article 50 on Wednesday 29 March.

It is impossible for Britain to leave the EU until Article 50 is triggered – but the exit process is vague, it means the UK may have to enter long negotiations to agree on a deal with the EU.
Brexit process after March 29 – two year time limit to conclude a deal – march 2019: Britain must leave EU
We need to see and examine How UK will implement the Brexit.
Hard Brexit  would involve severing most ties with the organization, abolishing the freedom of movement and not being part of the single market.
Light Brexit  would make for a very similar arrangement to the one we have at the moment.

pound sterling technical analysis

          pound sterling analysis

What will happen to the Pound after Brexit  ?

Now, after a few explanations, go to the price chart and see the picture:
Currently the pound has reached a resistance level at 1.2620 – this can be clearly seen on the chart
A breach of this area will send the pound to 1.31 + _
Make sure the trend remains negative as long as the GBP is below 1.34
On the other hand, an inability to stay above 1.2370-1.2430 will send it back to low levels
                        GBP/USD TECHNICAL ANALYSIS

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