Where Usdcad price is Headed in the Next Round

Where USD/CAD is Headed in the Next Round….


I’m not going to repeat my story, you can read this in the blog history 
just to give you quick update technical analysis on usd/cad prices 
The Canadian dollar continues to climb, due the oil prices continue to rise as I mention my last post on the crude oil the target will be around 40$, this will probably take the usdcad to 1.31 area although we must be aware for interest Rates, Fed Funds Rate at 16th
 (As we all know Canada is a major oil producer Rising oil prices are good news for cad)

My expectation for the near future that usdcad will bring rebound later on to 1.38 area and from there we will update again unless usdcad break down 1.2960 level

usdcad analysis

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