Whether the market crash is over and continues to new highs or is another surprise

markets collapse technical analysis update 

if you follow last posts, you all know and showed last predictions and wasn’t surprised

“” According to the sentiment and the graph, we are on the edge and therefore I think this is the point in which it is worth trying to check whether it will work
I am talking about trading, of course, on the indices when I assume that the markets are in the process of correcting whether I am healthy or not yet know
But patch down almost certainly – with a probability of more than 70%
Let’s build a test strategy
Short position with a stop of 3-4% and profit 7-8%
A ratio of 1: 2 in terms of chance of risk”

Now Cycles is the whole story
Looking at the Dow contract you can see that the decline in the decline was higher than the increase, which does not signal an end at the moment, I would like to see a higher turnover in order to say with certainty that the correction is over
I think there is a chance and even more explaining that the index will return to check the area 24100 + _ and perhaps even 23750 + _ back should closely monitor developments

markets analysis
markets volume

Is the avalanche of markets here? Or it just woke up before continuing the journey to the moon

markets technical analysis
markets forecast

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