Why Nikkei 225 Should Be 1 of the 7 chart you should look…

Why Nikkei 225 Should Be 1 of the 7 chart you should look…

In the long term nikkei 225 perspectives, the breaking of the region 14600 points will lead to continued declines14600 towards the area of 12000 points
You can see at the moment, the nikkei index is in the region of 16000 points
With regard to traders just slipped my 17560-18000 points confirm the continued upward movement
On the other hand, in terms of risk equal chance to rise to the 17500 points are the same   for the nikkei 225 drops to the 14,600 points  too 
Upward movement that began in late 2012. Supported area of 14,600 point
Breaking name indicating a deeper correction as I did above
nikkei 225 index live trading now at 15890 point 
Borders are quite wide on the n225 index, But you can try to catch edges moves 

 nikkei 225 analysis
nikkei 225
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nikkei 225 index live

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