will eurusd price hit new records

will eurusd price hit new records

Technical Analysis,a corrective low from last November’s 1.05 areas comes in at 1.1250 and a move back above this level will show there is willing for seeing higher rates for the euros, the correction could go even to 1.1460 areas that were the story, but now its see, that the eurusd willing to go even higher
One thing who caught my eyes is that pattern:

“Cup handle “
An example on bar diagrams looking like a container with a handle. The container is fit as a fiddle of a “U” and the handle has a slight descending float. The right-hand side of the example has low exchanging volume.
Break the lip, and especially 1.1460 area will resume the whole rebound from 1.0821 to the next level at 1.1820-70 area

eurusd technical analysis

The medium PIC : see close look on the long term chart

In the master plan, general value activities from 1.6039 long haul top is seen as a restorative example with tumble from 1.3993 as the third leg. Value activities from 1.0461 are seen as remedy to tumble from 1.3993. Break of 1.0461 will augment the decay from 1.3993. On the upside, break of 1.2042 backing turned resistance is should have been the principal indication of pattern inversion. Else, we’ll stay bearish and expect a new low beneath 1.0461 at a later stage


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