Will the third time happen gold will not hold and collapse ,or the melody will return


We are approaching major a support strip, if we see a stop there, then look again for a return to the top and this time the upper limit of the band stays in the area 1330 +  if it will break this level – you should look here NOTED FOR THIS: Gold price pattern 
On the other hand, a break on a daily basis is accompanied by a large cycle of the level of 1207 + _ then we have bearish situations who can lead the gold  move towards the level of 1040 + _ $

Gold broke Down major support and cross down 1260 $  supports the continuation of bearish overview efficiently, also we can see that Gold failed to break up the upper bounder, we can see very clearly on the charts – trading between 1200-1360+- areas
The big question is when this shuffle trend will finish: will it go to 1400$ Or 1100$?
Gold’s selling pressure continues today when now 1260 price levels is not going to support for this run ‘ I’m expecting to see more  downtrend to test lower levels  

gold  price analysis
gold analysis

Gold price technical analysis  

As long as gold xau/usd stay and trade below 1268+_ the trend is bearish and those targets are on the desk: 1267 1240 1233 1224 1211I 1205
f gold  cross up above 1291, I’m expecting to meet 1347 1333 1326 1315 areas –   there is major supporting  price band  imprisoned between 1207 and 1223 Strong support: 1224 & 1211 price areas are meaningful numbers and the big trend support stay in 1207
gold price prediction
gold price 

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