Yesterday’s low in oil prices and the formation of hammer indicates a correction move, or a test for breakage

oil prices analysis forecast

as I wrote two weeks ago: Have we seen the peak oil prices for the next few years?  

meanwhile, it was the top, since this move we got yesterday lows at 64.18 price levels
what the next move

crude oil  price analysis
crude oil analysis

crude oil technical analysis
64.18 was the low of yesterday and came out a correction according to the forecast now the burden of proof to where …….
Pts are important to further if you break the 66.50 area – then the chance for further correction rises to levels of
In any case, and if and when he reaches the high levels of 68.40-69.30, the check will be short, so that in the meantime, the correction can be affected
be ready to getting back to 56 prices are level when lows will break
Do not forget about oil today

crude oil analysis
oil analysis

again pay attention to crude  oil position map  :
From looking on cot position map we can notice in the same behavior as happen in 2014
if that the case again this time, then we should expect more pressure on crude oil prices
it will be interesting

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