Apple stock is infected with the worm, the question of whether it will lead to rot

apple stock analysis

apple was one of the leading stock in us market, as the first U.S. company worth more than $1 trillion. Through early October, shares were up nearly 40% on the year, but from that point, it all goes wrong it all fell apart. Apple stock plunged 20%, wiping out nearly $220 billion in shareholder value.

cracks in the narrative began to form with Apple earnings report earlier this month. The company gave disappointing sales guidance for the critical holiday quarter and, in a surprising move, said it would no longer offer unit sales data for its products. Several analysts speculated that the reduction in transparency could be a signal that iPhone sales have peaked.

apple price was based on expectations for  iPhone growth average selling prices, But the reality on the ground proves otherwise, Apple large size implies it likely needs to enter even bigger markets to support strong growth

Are we going to 140+_ $ price level?

Apple stock technical analysis
Apple stock analysis

let’s see some more charts to get a proportion, Technical Outlook for Apple stock
 Short Term: Bearish /Neutral
 Long Term: Bearish with an option to get a good rebound on the 146$ _+_

long-term traders should pay  place greater emphasis on the Bullish or Bearish trend reflected in the lower bands on the charts

Apple price analysis
apple stock price

and the last one for dessert

Apple chart analysis
Apple analysis

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