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Failure near these current highs, in my opinion, may lead to the realization of prices down in the market, which I am talking about the next levels
Nasdaq to area 11300-11600 points -when support there, give the signal for an ascent to new highs to areas of 13700- 14200 – 15200 points – see the case in 1999-2000 the ascent angle and graph structure are reminiscent of the landscape ……
On the other hand, a break of approximately 10600 points signaled an entry into a more significant downward move”

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Let’s test what happened since the last post on the markets:

As you can see then definitely the moves I was expecting Did happen

Two days after the publication of the review, we did receive a strong decline from the level of 12400 + _ which reached the level of 10630 points in 21.9

And since then we have seen the continuation of the scenario in a strong correction that yesterday reached the level of 12197 points

What now, where are the markets headed?


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Will we get a record break or do we have another kind of surprise?

The parallel for the year 2000 is expressed in the indicator developed by, the last time when it reached the level of 42.71 where a move ended, is this time too?

We are currently at an indicator level of about 40.61

time will tell


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I think that at this time 3 weeks before the election combined high volatility  -a double caution should be taken especially after a quick and sharp move – I also believe this transition away from risk may prompt some big downward price trend surprises over the next  days – so you need  need to stay keenly aware of risks and cautious of broad market rotations (covid 19 +  US election )

I anticipate scissor movements until election time
If we take the SP500 index as an example
A scenario that can be taken into account up to the date and time of the election
Shuffle between levels -3434 3400 points to 3519- 3580
When breaking the previous record, if and when it happens, you will send the index to examine the level of 3630 + _ points approximately, in the first stage.
When the option to achieve a level of 4100 points in the SP500 index will be reconciled with the achievement of the target in the Nasdaq index I talked about

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SP 500 analysis


Trade carefully and save your money, we have a challenging time ahead of us


ill try to come with a more accurate forecast days before the election if there will be dramatic changes 

This review does not include any document and/or file attached to it as an advice or recommendation to buy/sell securities and/or other advice

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