Are markets on the way to meet again the lows of the 2018 indices ?

Markets Analysis

The S&P 500 broke down major support during the trading session last week, there are a lot of concerns when it comes to the global growth story and of course, the US/China trade situation, which doesn’t seem to be getting better.  even more fuel to the selling pressure is the fact that Donald Trump has just suggested that the Mexicans(   On June 10, customs duties will be imposed at 5% and will grow by an additional 5% in each of the following months, reaching 25% in October)  and others countries are next targets.
The risk that the global trade war poses to the global economy lies in economic growth, which will be adversely affected by rising costs, a slowdown in consumer demand, and a reduction in capital expenditures by the companies
Add to that when interest rates are low, central banks can not use their standard tools to stimulate the economy – lowering interest rates
And get a recipe for tomato salad

You can also see this time, the correlation that exists between the indices and the dollar yen

Markets action shows again the same decline as December 2018 – for those who don’t remember you can see here it is a late-cycle sign the last post was about this action to come – what now? ,
we should pay close attention to and keep eyes open: one index (DJ) is trailing behind, while the other 2 (Nasdaq +sp 500) are leading the sled of Santa Tramp, will 2 dogs chase the slow dog to increase the pace, or is he slowing down the rest of the journey?
stock Markets Analysis
Markets Analysis

Technically view on the SP 500 index:
1. Last week’s volume was the highest since last December!

2. short term trend becomes bearish as long  2863+_ points will not break up again the trend will become positive,While  as long the SP 500 continue to trade below  2805 +_ points –  we should expect for more lows  level: 2710 /2640 and even 2400 points

3. Do not disqualify a correction up in the index again to the 2800 area if not more, but the business now looks much more negative than positive!

4. The big trend is still up as long 2400+_ points will hold

SP 500 analysis
SP 500 index
There are a few things you should pay attention to The indices reach extreme levels before the journey continues upwards, or is this the end of the correction?

Facebook has released reports yesterday and costs over 11% – comes to check the Gap, the refractive levels of the rising move: if it closes above the $ 171 area, we have a set up here to catch a move to close the top – 
it’s worth watching closely!

Amazon, as I have mentioned several times, should cross the 1760 area in order to show a continuing upward trend! If the conditions that I have mentioned exist, expect another incremental move
If not then the story is different:

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