Stocks Markets Enter Bear Market or We are on the scales and now it’s time to do risk-reward

Stocks Markets analysis and thoughts for future 

There are a few very strange things this time in those declines:

Fear index not only did not rise but remained flat! VIX has been extremely interesting during the course of the S&P’s -15% decline. VIX is flat, while the S&P is continuing down much more.
Forex market is completely indifferent to the latest moves – I was expected to see USD JPY made a strong move according to the situation we stay in
Fear index not only did not rise but remained flat!
In a bear market, especially in the case of a strong dollar,  Gold is also supposed to snatch strong – and this is not happening

risk reward on the focus
This has been one of the worst Decembers over the past 100 years
till now we saw apx 15%  decline on us index, is it time to be a buy here or it’s only the beginning for the bear market.
There is a possibility for more downside- the risk is approximate -3-5% down, get bounced check and test for upside area, it can look good if it will happen – if it will, then targets points for correction is much higher.

In terms of entering the bear market, we are on the scales The indices that broke support are important

SP500 2390

SP 500 technical  analysis
SP 500 analysis


NASDAQ   market analysis
NASDAQ Analysis

Now the situation is complex: will it continue down and roll into a bear market for a year or two, or is there something beyond that?

is this the start of a -30% to -50% decline?

Let’s take a look at the previous declines last crises 2000 & 2008

2007-2009 bear market. US index fell and then made retracement before the collapse.

2000 –2002 bear market. US index fell and then made retracement before the collapse.

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