AUD USD accelerates declines, is it Going below 0.6?


Over the last three years narrow range trend in the Aussie 1000 pips   0.69-0.79 price area
Are we going to get the same move (14 % ) down or the range will continue?

since 2016  i have published a few articles about the Aussie Which now seems to be validated

i just put here one of the charts i draw in 2016:

Australian Federal election will exist on 18 May 2019:
Labor is taking two major tax policies to this election, which directly affect property investment: removing negative gearing for people who buy existing properties, and cutting the capital gains discount, If Labor wins changes will apply to properties purchased after January 1, 2020.- tax plan will create a big impact on house prices than negative gearing:

Australia’s economy is very dependent on neighboring China A change for the worse in China has a significant impact on Australia, which is a supplier of raw materials to China, Let us not forget the tension between China and the US, which of course affects Australia economically

AUD /USD  Commitment of Traders chart shows negative pressure: see below

AUD /USD  position table
AUD /USD  Commitment of Traders

in the economic sector, the news is not surprising to say: Business conditions have deteriorated sharply, with steep falls in employment prospects, as well as sales and profits, according to the NAB business survey, Low confidence, coupled with forwarding weakness in other indicators such as forward orders point to tough times ahead, survey’s employment index tumbled to a below-average reading for the first time since 2016.

Those entire indicators will put the RBA under increased pressure to cut rates as early as next month- And directly affect the currency of course,  therefore see the Aussie weakened and probably continue to weaken against the dollar


In conclusion, I think we’re going to see the scenario take shape as soon as the pedaling is over and it looks like this coming soon – be ready

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