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Dow Jones analysis

Does the Dow Jones, which was an initial indicator, now indicate continued weakness in the markets?

Markets Technical Analysis If we look carefully at the Dow Jones index then we can identify a harmonic pattern: Bearish Cypher pattern Before I explain the essence of the template, trading goals, etc. Keep those numbers in front of your eyes:A daily Break below 33100 points will confirm more downtrend correction to the 31800-32100+- point area while staying above it…

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Dow Jones price technical analysis forecast

Why Dowjones are the Keys to Hillary  in 2016 Dow Jones Industrial Average was the worst of the bunch, falling nearly -3.5% from beginning this year The Dow Jones and Stock Market are dropping as we head into 2016. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates recently and now Wall St. is fearing the next one.  Still, 2016 is an election yearThe biggest story inarguably…

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