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Why Dowjones are the Keys to Hillary  in 2016

Dow Jones Industrial Average was the worst of the bunch, falling nearly -3.5% from beginning this year 
The Dow Jones and Stock Market are dropping as we head into 2016. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates recently and now Wall St. is fearing the next one.  Still, 2016 is an election year
The biggest story inarguably was the commodities sector, namely crude oil. While other physical commodities like gold, silver, and other industrial precious metals experienced volatility
For oil, though, the sinking in valuation is still an ongoing affair. Just in the month of December, the international benchmark Brent Crude Oil lost -16% in the commodity markets. The light crude index West Texas Intermediate pared losses somewhat, but still absorbed a decline of -11% last month. 
From the technical sided we can noticed:
15680-15780 key support, below those levels you should start to be ready for something much more radical……

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