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Does the U-turn in the dollar against the other currencies begin?

Forex Technical Analysis The U.S. Dollar recover big time against a basket of major currencies as pessimistic increased demand for risk assets and by chance to increase rates in 2022-2023The US dollar index measures the performance of the dollar against a basket of global currenciesUS dollar index (DXY) recover from 30-month low trading at $89.40, and trade now at 92.30$Since…

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dollar 2B1

until when the pressure on the US dollar continue

US Dollar analysis Dollar index: After reaching a low point in early January we see recovery buds, will they continue or is it just preparation for another move down In December last year I post this: is the dollar about to make a U-turn or is this just the beginning I recommend you read this post because there are goals for…

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Eurodollar Signs of a change in the air, or an eyesore

EUR USD  TECHNICAL ANALYSIS short term optimistic: in the other hand, The confirmation of the closing price reversal bottom is potentially bullish. Typically, this chart pattern leads to see some rally trend. Its first upside target to check 1.1350-1.1430+_, closing up above this price will mark new high targets are we going to see an extreme move like  20% down…

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New lows in EUR /USD what we should expect for the future?

EUR USD   TECHNICAL ANALYSIS EUR/USD drops sharply to as low as 1.1033 confirms the resumption of the downtrend. The US Dollar surged in reaction to the Fed’s hawkish interest rate cut yesterday.Federal Reserve lowered its benchmark interest rate by 25 bps for the first time since December 2008 but the lack of commitment of future rate cuts turned out to…

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An interesting trade opportunity for fx pair that has been in a gathering for a long time

AUD/NZD trade set up plan  This could be a Diamond Bottom is considered a bullish signal, indicating a possible reversal of the current downtrend to a new uptrend. Diamond patterns usually form over several months in very active markets. The Diamond Bottom pattern occurs because prices create higher highs and lower lows in a broadening pattern. Then the trading range…

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has the euro-dollar price find a bottom and hence its way up

EUR USD Technical Analysis  EUR/USD succeeded to stay up above 1.1350 support, break up again on a daily basis 1.1630-price level will confirm medium term rally resumption and target next key at 1.1860 and even 1.2080 However, sustained price below will extend the consolidation pattern from 1.2091 with another decline through 1.1350 support- break again last lows will confirm for…

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