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FTSE 100 Index Set New High ,What The Next Move

FTSE 100 Index Technical Analysis FTSE 100 perform new record, what next … UK INDEX pushed higher Wednesday, aided by a fall in the pound against the U.S. dollar, as expectations rose for a U.S. interest rate increase in March.The FTSE 100 climbed 0.6% to 7,304.42. the pound dropped below $1.24. The greenback marched higher, as the odds of a March interest…

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FTSE 100 index 2017 Technical Analysis Outlook

FTSE 100 index 2017 Technical Analysis Outlook  Let’s talk a little about European indices, today ill focus on the FTSE 100 Last year I wrote the scenarios …. FTSE 100  Now we have to see whether the next step is into the same goals I mentionedPutts target of 7300-7400 is not far … After BREXIT a lot happened In the FTSE…

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Will The Brexit Bring FTSE 100 Exit ….

Will The Brexit Bring FTSE 100 Exit …. I wıll start wıth some economıc and fundamentals stuff ,my taught for UK economy are much more positive than negative ,those are my reasons : Positive impact on inbound tourism to BritainTourists vote with their feet for Brexit – in May began to spend more money in the UK, and now the Chinese…

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