FTSE 100 index 2017 Technical Analysis Outlook

FTSE 100 index 2017 Technical Analysis Outlook 

Let’s talk a little about European indices, today ill focus on the FTSE 100

Last year I wrote the scenarios ….

FTSE 100 technical analysis
FTSE 100 

Now we have to see whether the next step is into the same goals I mentioned
Putts target of 7300-7400 is not far …

After BREXIT a lot happened In the FTSE 100,it was written here 

lets test the FTSE100 first , the target is pretty near , the question is what will be after achieved those goals ….but will happen next ?
i have 2 scenario for it : the first is correction after new record 7300-7400 to 6500-6600 points area from there is the big question , new record will appear or the trend is changed and we should expect for more down trend, as i say not once , pay attention to 1998-1999 years !

FTSE 100 technical analysis
FTSE 100 2017 outlook 

A few words on the GBP/USD  currency :

just want to mention the connection :after BREXIT Pound’s was cut down sharply
And broke its lowest level since 2008 (level 1.3480)
Only in 1985 was lower hair, which is the voltage dropped to 1.1 against the dollar
if the dollar trend will continue next year we should expect to see the gbpusd even below the last lows or even 1.09 -1.11

GBP USD 2017 outlook 

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