Financial markets patch coming, crashing or continuing to the moon.

Dow Jones  markets forecast update 

Notice the oscillators’ movement in the chart
comes to a high area that might call for a price correction – a French example of a move that took place when the oscillator reached the area, The last time it happened the index performed a correction, and maybe this time too
I will not be surprised if the market drops to 22,400 points,
On the other hand, I will not be surprised if it does not happen, and the index will continue to rise to the areas I mentioned
But … for those who are at the long stop level and the test stone is rising all the time and now it lies in the area 22,400 points plus or minus

Dow Jones forecast
dow jones analysis

markets forecast
as you all can see its happen, in the last year the markets went up in high pct , after this post was written i checked again the situation in 2017 and post new forecast: Let’s check my last post-2017 forecast was published
so far, the forecasts have hit, and the indices have achieved handsome returns in line with the forecast

look the chart again so we can more distant goals, which can be derived and derived from deepening the pattern, are in areas of price levels such as 23,300+_ and even more high at 24,600-25,100 price area, while the opposite direction can cause the dow jones to move lower to test crucial areas in 22,100-22,400 – those levels seem to have strong support .one more thing to finish is to test one indicator – as you can see in the chart only one time in the past, he breaks up the red line (extreme situation) -this movement was in 2008 and bring more 3000 points from the break, so, if we will go now those days, its give us the same target as I mention above apx 24,000 + 

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