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Ended uncertainty in the US embarking on a new path
We wish good luck and cross fingers for  knowing  better and beautiful days in our world
The combination of  games for who is more influential and what will happen in the market have enough articles, I will try to focus on the technical and mainly technical aspect
But before that a few words about the political situation in the US with the election of the new president.
Basically, the one who really is the influential and relatively independent essential player in Powell the Fed chairman may be the most important man in Washington – his tenure will only end in early 2022
As long as the Fed and central banks continue to inject liquidity into the market then markets in the happy,
But will the Federal Reserve’s commitment to maintaining interest rates of 0% for the coming years be enough to encourage private credit growth and economic growth?
Now the question being asked, will we see a big incentive package for the market?
Some say that Baiden is like Trump in an approach of incentives and market assistance, also talking about a package of 2-3 trillion for economic recovery from the virus epidemic
The debate on this issue is set to take place shortly after the presidential inauguration on January 20, followed by plans for longer-term spending increases on infrastructure, climate, health, and education services that would at least match the long-term tax increase likely on corporations and higher incomes.
But …..  and here’s hiding  big problem:
There is also a possibility that Biden wins, but the Senate remains in the hands of the Republican Party. Such a situation would make it difficult for Biden to pass some of his reforms
There is still uncertainty surrounding how control of the Senate could still play
Out -They will likely bring back a divided American government
And such a thing may prevent the implementation of reforms and the approval of large incentive packages
But looking at the capital market, then you can see that the end-of-year rally, looks pretty promising at the moment, until the inauguration and attempt to start new moves, we have two months, in which, if a vaccine is released, combined with a new spirit, I think we will have a rise in markets
Markets are back in the shuffle range, will we see a break and exit to new highs…
What now, where are the markets headed?
It seems that we are before breaking records – what should we expect
new highs to areas of 13700- 14200 – 15200 points are on the way?
or we will get a false record break and have another kind of surprise?
I know it’s too early to tell, but to me, personally, it seems like the positive direction will be set in motion
The parallel for the year 2000 is expressed in the indicator developed by, the last time when it reached the level of 42.71 where a move ended, is this time too?
We are currently at an indicator level of about 41.13
Time will tell
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