How to achieve 3600 pips

How to achieve 3600 pips 

The All story: best and perfect guide for traders to get the best trade and earn money 
let’s start from the beginning 
as you all know I’m running my site since 2011, wrote many posts and educational stuff about trading analysis and forecasts
i want to show that with the right attitude, good technical eyes, patient and stick to the plan you can earn from the big movement in the markets and make profits 
I found it necessary
It was time, after so many years of writing, to do things in order, and show you the results, you can reach them
Trade with the tools that I raise here on the site
I was looking for an example of many Pairs I analyze and testing 
I chose to focus on USDCAD 
Show you how I got to 3600 pips profit, equal to 25% Yield
I began to analyze usdcad when  is faced with break point  in 2013

click the rates below to see the posts:

USDACD rate 1.0660
Let’s start from scratch

USDCAD rate 1.08

USDCAD rate 1.12

USDCAD rate 1.14

USDCAD rate 1.19

USDCAD rate 1.22

USDCAD rate 1.27

USDCAD rate 1.32

USDCAD rate 1.34

best trade
pips maker

all I want to show you, that with the right way , stick to the plan, risk management, Looking beyond the curtain and Wisely technical analysis you can catch huge movement and make profits!

i wish you all the best trades

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