Is the Recent Rally of Trump in the markets about to end?

Markets technical analysis update 

The markets are experiencing great volatility and nervousness, quite reflecting the state of the weather in the world in terms of the climate – which is an interesting thing in itself
Further to the post at the beginning of the week – I want to focus on the last of the markets since the election of Trump
The above move is supported by the averages band with the top sitting on the 23100 + area – and the bottom at 22,480
The indices have indeed corrected well and now a majority reach critical test levels if the assumption of two trading patterns that can be formed will be implemented then interesting and beautiful movements can be expected, holiday weekend coming up, liquidity should be lower than usual. However, we need to keep in mind that it’s also the end of the month and fiscal quarter which means that large institutions and corporate names are closing off position
I will refer to the Dow Jones index which reached the aforementioned averages, and now there are two possibilities:
The first option is to continue drop to the area 23,100-23,300 + and from there exit to an ascending process –pay attention to last rally (started at October 2016) I deliberately put the Fibonacci levels on the charts    A 38.2%-61.8% retracement is the minimum requirement for a pullback – you can see that the best correction level for the last rally in the markets is in the area 23,100 + _ points
A second option, which is much weightier in terms of its implications, is that the index will not hold the subsidies, and will drop to 22,480, a move that embodies entry into negative territories and doubts the continuation of the story of a rising market

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