Is there a quick potential of $ 100 in gold, or is it just a pause before another move?


Risk aversion looks on the screen due to last events in the market- Us China, Brexit
Earnings Reports and Trade Optimism Take Precious Metals Lower – will it take gold below 1400?

The gut feeling and the charts show that we are probably going to see a weaker dollar before the end of the year
There are contradictions in expectations, on the one hand, the weakening dollar will give a boost to gold increases, on the other hand, the future of further lowering interest rates will set the tone for the future – expectations of a further downgrade will strengthen gold, while a halt will weaken it
FOMC meeting Federal Reserve is today, and it is expected that they will announce and implement a ¼% interest rate deduction. Currently, the futures is predicting that there is a 97.3% probability the Fed will announce a rate cut
the third issue -Upcoming meeting in Chile November 16–17, 2019 where the leaders of both China and the United States will meet face to face and hopefully sign the agreement

Confused? me too

gold news today

the last post published when gold reached 1560  – news and headlines were talking and bla bla that $2,000 Gold Price is in the corner  – is it so?

After achieving higher price targets last year in august and this January I posted:
NOTED FOR THIS: Gold price pattern   if 1326 level will hold them we have a potential to see this happen – take a closer look 
gold chart forecast

Gold price Technical analysis
As long as gold ( XAU/USD )stay and trade above 1519-1524 the trend is bullish
Short term remain in 1474/1467/1453 /1438
Next resistance levels stay in 1530 1560  if 1560 price will break up then next targets is in 1720+_ for my opinion but it’s far so let’s keep that   in our mind and meanwhile focus on the present
From a closer look its look like we are facing a correction in the gold to test the 1379-1405 price area – see the same pattern in charts that happened before


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