oil price jump over 30 $ – will it hold or its dead cat bounce?

Crude oil price analysis

price  oil forecast has been verified what’s next: see below for more updates
price ranges from $ 10 to $ 20, examining the level of support in the 9-10 area and now  if 26-28 $ will cross up then we should expect to meet 34 $ and even  exiting the move towards closing the gap in the 40 area
The second scenario is like that: the price will plays at a price level of  23.69+_ up to 16.80 and then 11.60-12.60  or even  fall again to the 9-10 region and from there rise to a region of 33-34 $
see the similar to 2014!
the inability to cross 23.69 $region will send the oil to lower prices
key price for crude oil stands on 23.69 $ +_
risk rewarded chances to take a position by short or long should be considered by examination of all variables
what next: At the moment, in my opinion, the risk outweighs the prospect
The price range of 33-35 appears to be an equatorial region,
In my opinion, we will see oil return to levels between $ 24-27, where we will retest,
Support for the above zone will send it to deal with high levels and the Gap closing in 41-44, against breaking 23.69, mark weakness and return to price drop track
crude oil analysis
crude oil price

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