platinum price have difficult with ……

platinum price have difficult with  ……

PLATINUM price failed to cross 1080-1100 $ price area, I’m Not surprised from the decline in the price of platinum, since he reached to 1091 $ at 01.05.2016 may this year after achieved low price last January at 811 $
I warned and I reported here on the blog for a long time on the expected move

Now let’s test and analyses the moves – what we got and what we should expect from platinum metal Don’t forget that the main trend is bearish –  see the charts
paltınum prıce

Technical view update:
Platinum xpt/usd price remains negative as long the price stay below 1100 and 1080 levels main support previous level, therefore, the price below those current support level will continue the negative momentum
Platitum meatal should achieve lower prices- Expected trading range price will go down to see the lower bands at 630 area ,also Fibonacci  level show the same target .

platinum technical analysıs

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