sp500 price forecast technical view

sp500 trend it’s the moment of truth

You can see a number of things on the graph
I’ll start it, you can see similarities, the move took place in the index in 2011
Strong candle down, hammer candle green. But ….. the last time. Increase in turnover, was higher than declining,
And that’s not the case at the moment
Back certain area above the 2048-2062 confirm the trend up will continue

Conversely, if the situation is the same for 2011, then, appears to be more to come shuffling in the index, as it was then and this is pretty good with markets waiting period of up to US interest rate announcement, 16-17 September
After a relatively long period of shuffling, it’s the moment of truth test and see where they go over metrics
good luck 

sp 500 technical

s&p 500 technical

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