Tesla stock rockets the new bitcoin bubble in the markets

Bubble Stories in the markets

Is the king naked or is he in complete glory?
Tesla stock is the scourge and salvation for the world’s ills – did they find the black diamond here
Every time a new star comes to the neighborhood, sometimes it falls and sometimes stays in the galaxy for a long time
If it’s a bubble only days will tell – in any case, a trading pattern for such moves has already appeared in the past
There are cases like Bitcoin and there are some that are just the beginning of the story
Chinese stock bubble of 2007 wiped out hundreds of billions vs Bitcoin 2017 is this the same story?

I’ll try to guess which way it’s going?
In my opinion, the stock will move up to  1080$-1180$ areas + _ and from there you will make a decent repair to 630 $ -710 $ + _
the second scenario is that we are in the middle of the process and the price target stands above 2000 $

see the first option:

Tesla price analysis,
Tesla analysis

see the second option:

Tesla stock chart
Tesla news

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