USD/JPY New Lows Ahead Or Just A….

USD/JPY Price Technical Analysis Forecast 

usd jpy price action :  In the bigger picture, price actions from high are seen as a corrective pattern – for those of you, who stay in positions, the direction now is mixed up with the momentum,  you should pay attention to the upper side  – 114.60 +_  and 109-109 those levels are extremely vulnerability
In the short term, we can see the corrective move from the lows, as long as usdjpy will stay above 114.60 the direction is up, while in the middle we have  110.90 109.30 108.20 106.20-70 104.80-105.30
Strong support at 101.80

USD/JPY TEchnical Analysis

There is still strong support from Fibonacci retracement of 98.97 to 118.65 at 110.90 to contain downside and bring rebound again to 114.60 and even more


“Once again I turn your’s attention to 1998-1999
Note the charts: If the photo is indeed the same, then it is fitting for
continued increases in the usdjpy, move into a similar facility.”

Pay attention to the cot report: now it’s a mixed picture and a bit confused, needs to wait a bit more to see some strong sign or a clear view

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