usdjpy price technical analysis forecast

How Usdjpy is the Answers to world economic problems

The USD/JPY suffered big losses, it’s down aggressive from. Technical supports were wiped out during this bearish onslaught. In addition break down 118.20 area does not precursor good news for the pair next stop should be at 116.70 area while break down this support should lead to 114.60 

In the other hand if 118.20 will hold on daily close so the price should go to 119.40-70 area again  
The path below daily demand leads to weekly support as I wrote at 116.70 and even to 114.60, which as we have seen on the weekly chart could likely come into play very soon.
119.60 area could be resistive, but crossing up this levees will probably take usdjpy to 121 area again. 
the trend since 2012 Supporting the red Average strip 114.60 , break this area down could lead to further downside moves to 106 area 

usdjpy price

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