Volkswagen price technical outlook forecast

Warning : You’re Losing Money by Not looking on Volkswagen

Usually I do not  analyze specific stocks
This time making an exception ,for those who invest in this share, and those who want to know a little more technically view on VW shares
so lets start from the psychological aspect and the fundamental i will not Expand too much it can be read around the net,I will focus on trying to analyze Volkswagen share price behavior 
If we look at the long term chart, we can see technically is an equilibrium point in 61

Both in behavior and in terms of price cycles counting
$ 84 area is also a potential area for repair, when breaking the 84 level, will send the paper to the 61 in my opinion
Deeper insight into the behavior of the average, we can see that in 2008 the average was crossing the same, after which the paper corrected up

But this time cycles are infinitely greater meaning should be doubly careful
Action strategy:
STAY Long :as long Volkswagen share above 84 area

STAY Short :as long Volkswagen share under 84 – target  the 61area

Volkswagen price

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