Where Apple is Headed in the Next Years

Where Apple stock price is Headed in the Next Years 

Apple (AAPL) missed revenue estimates when it reported after the bell on Tuesday, and the stock was down 6.3% in Wednesday’s sessionApple looks like it is headed lower It is important at inflection points in price to look at potential areas of support and resistance on the charts and to construct a technical framework around which to access future action.

Apple stock price: as long as price will stay over 83 levels it’s all open              Support levels, prior to the above level, lies in 91-2 Break there will send appl to  86 area as i mention the beginning of this year

appl technical analysis

Apple has to sell over 48 million iPhones a quarter just to stand still and to match last Christmas it has to sell 75 million. With the biggest markets saturating and the remaining markets unable to afford the price tag, the perception is it can’t be done.
Yet rather than use the sell-off as an opportunity to buy more shares, one trader sees more pain for the world’s largest company, which up until recently could do no wrong in the eyes of investors.

If apple breaks down $83 level, then we have real problems…if not so it’s all open

At the end of 2015, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was one of the most popular stocks among the funds with 133 funds holding $17.72 billion worth of stock

Apple’s main Q2 results was:
Revenue: $50.56bn down 25.6% vs. market forecasts of $51.55bn
Earnings Per Share (EPS): $1.90, down 18% vs. forecasts between $1.98-$2
Net Income: $10.516bn, down 22.5%, vs. forecasts of $10.977bn
Gross Profit margin: 39.4% vs. forecasts of 39.6% and 40.8% in Q2 2015
iPhone sales: 51.2 million, above average forecast of 50 million, but well short of 61.2 million sold in Q2 2015 while I phone are produce 68% from their profit’s

From technical view and looking on apple charts we can see the main picture reflected: Apple stock price as long as price will stay over 83 levels its all open ……

apple future

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