who is right and who is wrong, the virus, the Chinese or the investors?


Are we ahead of another upswing, moving between 8-9% before we see realization here, or will we go back, check out the 8900-9200 area, and from there we’ll continue

It seems the Coronavirus doesn’t interest anyone in the markets – sublime to me, but that’s the situation friends
It’s kind of a bubble, ignoring the economic realities and implications that this thing has on the market – every day that goes by, without eradicating the virus, and returning to a proper life trajectory, creating real financial harm to companies – no flights, closed factories, hotels and tourism, transportation, a large chain of casualties, It’s not a toddler thing.

But right now, it seems like everything is passing and going, and soon behind us according to market behavior
So who is right and who is wrong, the virus, the Chinese, or the investors?

just before those who haven’t seen or read the previous post: 2020  Recession Or Records In The Markets?    – I recommend reading because there are a number of essential things that are very relevant to this review Markets

Now let’s go to the graphs and see the picture on the price graph

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When there is a Bubble / Extreme situation like now then you should go and see what was in the past
according to my indicator, we are now entering to extreme  market

extreme is here Healthy correction or collapse?

I want to show you something interesting about the Fang Index and the Nasdaq Index

according to Goldman’s David Kostin
“modest S & P500 earnings growth in Q4 was set to finally end a 4-quarter streak of negative EPS growth, with S&P earnings per share set to rise by a modest 2% Y / Y, virtually all of the earnings upside came from just the top 5 biggest companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google (aka FAAMG), which collectively saw their EPS rise by a whopping 16% (mostly on the back of record stock buybacks which reduced the number of shares outstanding thus lowering the denominator in the EPS calculation). Without them, S&P earnings were flat”

I am uploading here the NYFANG index that will show a future twin coming to Nasdaq, it is very interesting that there is a correlation with the price targets in terms of percentage
You can see in the index the triangle pattern and the breakup – a target of 4070 area of ​​8-9% order
On the other hand, if we look at a wider range, we will see the parallel line of the price channel and if realization should come, it can come even now – if that is the case then a 7% decrease will be very reasonable


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