Will The Old Economy, Become The New Hot Trend


The U.S. presidential election results spiraled through financial markets last Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, initially sending U.S. stock futures and the dollar sliding and havens such as gold and the Japanese yen soaring
Wall Street stocks rose last week when the Dow peaked after rising by 5% – the sharpest jump in five years

Dow Jones chart
Dow Jones  forecast

President-elect Donald Trump’s pledge to “dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act” and replace it with new policies that encourage economic growth is feeding hopes it could be a catalyst to spur pre-emptive banking moves to New York from London
for the financial sector: If the banking environment becomes less onerous, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citigroup and others Banks from America currently have significant headcount in London, may look to relocate investment-banking roles to Wall Street. Asian and Japanese banks may follow
Fiscal expansion plan of Trump, which is expected to be reflected extensive investments in infrastructure
Manufacturers of heavy mechanical equipment required earthworks for the new interchanges, airports runways, and the like, are Trump era investment opportunity. There is no doubt that these companies will benefit from the resumption of American infrastructure, and these companies are Dow Jones – shares of the “old economy”
 Trump will focus on internal US economy and try to promote it
He will be a president with a Republican Congress and Senate. Will have the strength to make changes, which is good for the economy and the market.
Trump’s supposed to be a good market share in terms of a businessman who wants to cut bureaucracy, cut corporate tax and benefit greatly with a profitable business

Dow Jones analysis
Dow Jones Technical 

Now with your permission I will move to the technical part of the equation
At the moment it looks the Dow Jones ındex wıll perform the best move 
Since the days are gone, and I continued to accompany the move, I do not claim to be a prophet – the prophecy was given to fools, but after election night, after the previous election process – there is one clear conclusion, stemming from lookıng the charts and trading volumes 
Markets want up – markets  rally is expected to continue.
In terms of support and resistance levels given the target
You can see the candles and cycles in the graph below – pattern represents buyers are willing to buy, every time when it comes to the bottom line, but at lower prices.
Support levels: Amendment to the 18,620 would not be surprising, as long as the index will be supported above the 18,340 points level trend is upwards, ıf the dow jones wıll break down 18,240-18,340 points again, I’ll analyze the situation again

Dow Jones  forecast
Dow Jones 
Dow Jones target
Dow Jones

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