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I haven’t written in a long time
The last post on the markets was in June 2022 
There wasn’t too much to update on the markets, but it seems that we are reaching test levels that will determine whether the declines are over or whether it is just a phase it just a matter of rally January Effect. Everyone is talking about a mild recession everyone thinks the Fed will lower interest rates this year, on the other hand, the actual economy shows negative signs – layoffs, a decrease in consumption, and negative growth – has the awful news become good? Is the consensus clear? Is the stock market ahead of the future or is it in euphoria? Reports of the major ones are ahead of us any questions that have many answers will go to the graphs that tell the story without background noise, and we will technically check what the story is, and where we are will focus on the  NASDAQ

markets analysis

For the future to come as I said in the last post 
Need to see what is happening in the areas of 12800 is critical
If those levels will go above on aweekly basis- the story change!
Also, I mention many times about 11680 points 
The major trend in the markets is a negative trend
Minor trend positive as long we stay above 11680 
Looking for 12030 to see if we can move up to 12100, 12300-12430,12600 and 12800
Correction at this stage to areas 11680   _ is quite likely for those who looking for a reconnection to extended trade to the levels I mentioned above, alternatively, a decline from area 11600 will confirm that we get back to a downtrend

Nasdaq trend

Looking at a long-term graph of the NASDAQ, you can clearly see when it is positive and when it is negative
Green bands (uptrend) and red (downtrend)
It can be noticed that even during the major corrections in 2000-2001, it remained red until 2003
So from this point of view, there is nothing to think that Hook has changed his skin yet – talking about 2023

Nasdaq forecast

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