dow jones forecast

Dow Jones analysis

Does the Dow Jones, which was an initial indicator, now indicate continued weakness in the markets?

Markets Technical Analysis If we look carefully at the Dow Jones index then we can identify a harmonic pattern: Bearish Cypher pattern Before I explain the essence of the template, trading goals, etc. Keep those numbers in front of your eyes:A daily Break below 33100 points will confirm more downtrend correction to the 31800-32100+- point area while staying above it…

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Is the markets making us a surprise or is it a bear trap

MARKETS TECHNICAL ANALYSIS The demon came out of the bottle and Financial markets bleeding who is right and who is wrong, the virus, the Chinese or the investors. Needless to say, we saw the market and saw the violent and reactionary movement This has been one of the fastest-ever declines into correction territory for the major indices, especially the Dow…

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2020 Recession Or Records In The Markets?

2020  Markets Forecast Nothing seems to stop the bull -2020 will continue the pattern of increases: Combining strong labor markets, rising wages, household sentiment, and central bank policies in the US and Europe will help stabilize the global economy at a low growth rate, economists and analysts largely predict that 2020 will be a year of slow growth – but…

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