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Gold continues the trend similar to past moves

Gold Price Analysis The gold continues to resemble past moves back in 2021, in the month of August, “Has the affirmative rise in gold ended and the great decline in gold is before us”?  I mentioned the future to occur in the movement of goldLast August we received an overwhelming confirmation of the move – check the last pot  Now…

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gold analysis

gold price settles in anticipation of the next move

Gold Price Analysis Gold price settles at the main bearish trend Until we get a clearer signal for the next trend, which is located resistance -located now at 1784 – or breaking 1807. I recommend reading the review written on 11.8.2021“Has the affirmative rise in gold ended and the great decline in gold is before us”? Gold has recovered from the…

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gold price analysis

A different kind of surprise in the gold price Expected for us?

Gold price analysis Everyone is talking about new gold records expected to see new numbers, Maybe that’s not the direction at all …….. On 11/5/2021 I wrote this: in 15.4.2021 I wrote this :  “I went to check out some probability scenarios to predict continued movement in goldThere’s something that caught my eye – and that’s what happened in 2012Technically…

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Is gold on the way to give us a new low

GOLD price technical analysis gold  prices continue to deceive and not find the absolute direction As time goes on, there is a saying that says what does not go up = goes down Apparently, this is the story here too  the last post was does a turning point comes in gold or trend is over This time I will be…

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Does a turning point come in gold or trend is over

GOLD price Technical analysis gold  price continue traded lower on the last week -Is this a temporary halt or has the rally been overturned gold price drop considering President-elect Biden’s unveiling of a $2 trillion stimulus package,  a real genuine optimism that the pandemic at some point will conclude B U T as long the global pandemic is with us…

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