S&P 500 prediction for the next years

S&P 500 Technical Analysis A lot of people are talking about the length of time the index is rising, and it is not possible that so many years we are in a rising market trend to all those who say this, I can say that from 1974 to 2000 there was a rising market trend -26 years.  Let’s test our…

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markets never-ending short squeeze

Best investments for 2021 Are we facing a wave of exhaustion in the markets, or are we in the midst of a bubble wave? Throughout my years in trading (more than 20 years), I tend to stick to the technical side of trading, this has proven itself more than once Technically we are in a kind of bubble without any…

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Don’t miss this secret Harmonic trading pattern

Harmonic trading pattern you can identify and see big moves in the market – especially when it comes to the Forex market, Sometimes it seems grandiose and obviously unlikely to come up with a setup like this that gives big and rewarding moves but this can comes, and come in big. My history trading have caught on some big moves…

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Is gold on the way to give us a new low

GOLD price technical analysis gold  prices continue to deceive and not find the absolute direction As time goes on, there is a saying that says what does not go up = goes down Apparently, this is the story here too  the last post was does a turning point comes in gold or trend is over This time I will be…

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dollar 2B1

until when the pressure on the US dollar continue

US Dollar analysis Dollar index: After reaching a low point in early January we see recovery buds, will they continue or is it just preparation for another move down In December last year I post this: is the dollar about to make a U-turn or is this just the beginning I recommend you read this post because there are goals for…

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Does a turning point come in gold or trend is over

GOLD price Technical analysis gold  price continue traded lower on the last week -Is this a temporary halt or has the rally been overturned gold price drop considering President-elect Biden’s unveiling of a $2 trillion stimulus package,  a real genuine optimism that the pandemic at some point will conclude B U T as long the global pandemic is with us…

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