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S&P 500 prediction

Has the Market Correction Started or its only pause

Markets analysis long time I didn’t update about the markets ,It’s time to check what’s going on here in 2021 i post S&P 500 prediction for the next years  Has the Market Correction Started? The question of whether a market correction has started is always a topic of interest among investors. However, it’s not always easy to answer. Market corrections are typically…

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S&P 500 harmonic pattern

Do stock market expectations reflect the situation?

Does the economic situation of the stock market combined with the bond markets reflect the real problem? We have contradictions in many economic models that we now see in markets and economies, this is not a healthy situation sign – someone will have to reset and get back into balance Market Uncertainty: in some cases, high bond yields and rising…

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markets analysis

Is sanity back into the stock markets?

Markets Technical Analysis When the headlines explode into over-optimism / over-pessimism, prepare for a counter-movement On March 13, they made headlines:“U.S. Major Indexes All Enter Death Cross”What happened?The market has corrected sharply upwards:Nasdaq from Area 12900 to Area 15200S&P 500 from area 4130 to area 4630 On May 20, they made headlines again:“Stocks continue to fall, Wall Street enters a…

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S&P 500 technical analysis

Do we have markets dispersion or new highs on the way?

Markets Technical Analysis As early as December 2021, there were signs on the board that this time it would be different…Are there any signs of the coming future for stock markets in 2022? This year started unusually and it and it seems right now that it will remain like this…. In January before the war between Ukraine and Russia started…

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Nasdaq analysis

An unusual year started how will it end?

Stock Markets forecast Are there any signs of the coming future for stock markets in 2022? I’ve already written about the S&P 500 This time ill  focus on the Nasdaq –  Since a lot of money in the IPO and private raising market is directed in favor of technology stocks, Employee issues, chip shortages, salary levels, and bonus packages, It…

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SP 500

is it the time to be or not to be in the markets

An interesting year awaits us in the markets Everyone was waiting for the January effect in the meantime, they appear to have received a January defect What next? An interesting year awaits us in the markets – I wrote about this in the last article and it is worth reading: Are there are any signs of the coming future for…

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Volatility September/October return again this year- part 3

Stock Markets Technical Analysis Last month I posted this :  Will seasonal Volatility in September return again this year? Also in September …. If we look at things, we can now expect two scenarios: Volatility September return again this year- part 2 Now let’s look again for examining more details The statistics do not lie, and this time too we get markets volatility It…

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