Has the market crash started and any correction above is likely to stop for a stronger decline?

Stocks Markets analysis 

In  Forex market you should focus on USD JPY  moves
 Fear index in the markets  rise also
In a bear market, especially in the case of a strong dollar, Gold is also supposed to snatch strong – and this is not happening still not happen …. But I’m pretty sure that when the falls in the markets worsen, he will join the celebration
Risk reward on the focused update:
Till now we saw apx 20% decline on us index, is it time to be a buy here or it’s only the beginning for the bear market.
US Index reached  to first target I mention SP500  2390 area, Nasdaq to 6000
Now if we will look closely we can see there is a possibility for more downside if those levels won’t be supported – NASDAQ to 5600-5800 points (I would put an emphasis on tracking major stocks out there to check for adjustments)
 the risk is approximate -4-7% down,
 Those points can trigger – get bounced check and test for upside area, it can look good if it will happen – if it will, then targets points for correction is much higher.
In terms of entering the bear market, the road below opened, the indices broke important support areas

I will focus this time on the dow jones : 
short-term and Medium period became negative We are a step away from entering a bear market for the long-term – now  Any correction above is expected to stop at 24,800 +
if  index levels closed last week will not hold up, expect a continuation of a downward move towards 20,600 + _ points
Which constitute the turning point of the index!

Stocks Markets technical analysis
 Markets  analysis 

will it continue down and roll into a bear market for a year or two, or is there something beyond that?
is this the start of a -30% to -50% decline?
Let’s take a look at the previous declines last crises 2000 & 2008
2007-2009 bear market. US index fell and then made retracement before the collapse.

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