will precocious metals slide into recession in 2017

Stronger US Dollar and Fed policy may lead the precocious metals into recession in 2017


For my opinion we are going to see weakness in platinum, oil, gold and silver against the rising US dollar. Furthermore, the change in the US central bank’s policy from infinite monetary easing to indirect helicopter money will ultimately raise both inflation and growth, but only through a recession

Ill focus on these 3 commodities from precocious metal category

Gold to 986- 1028 area as long as below 1238 area
gold  analysis forecast
gold forecast
we can see at CME Cot report that there is more room for big move: take look on the spreading and position, I’m expect to see strong decline /decrease on the position before the trend will change, till then the trend is remaining negative 
gold  cot data
gold  cot 
Silver to 12.50 area as long as below 17.80 area
silver price  forecast
silver price  forecast
silver price
 Platinum: 670-720 area as long as below 814 area 
platinum analysis  forecast
platinum analysis  forecast
platinum technical analysis
platinum price  forecast
We can see at CME Cot report that there is more room for short:
platinum cot price
platinum cot data

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