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The bear market rally is on the way?

Markets Technical Analysis USA markets are down 9 out of the past weeks, for the third time in its entire history (1970, 1982, 2001)   In 2001 it marked the start bear market rally before the bear market continued for nearly another year. Last week after the big sale on Thursday and breaking very important support levels, Friday ended convergence, if…

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markets never-ending short squeeze part 2

Markets Technical analysis in 8.2.2021 I published this markets never-ending short squeezeA test drive has come: NASDAQ 100: Closed below 12480 daily will sign for more downtrend while stay above is appositive sign  Are we facing a wave of exhaustion in the markets, or are we in the midst of a bubble wave? Throughout my years in trading (more than 20 years),…

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markets never-ending short squeeze

Best investments for 2021 Are we facing a wave of exhaustion in the markets, or are we in the midst of a bubble wave? Throughout my years in trading (more than 20 years), I tend to stick to the technical side of trading, this has proven itself more than once Technically we are in a kind of bubble without any…

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Stock Markets what is the next move we should expect

Stock market election forecast In 1.9.2020 I published this: Will we see another leg up and the story ends in the markets? “Failure near these current highs, in my opinion, may lead to the realization of prices down in the market, which I am talking about the next levels Nasdaq to area 11300-11600 points -when support there, give the signal…

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Volkswagen price technical outlook forecast

Warning : You’re Losing Money by Not looking on Volkswagen Hi Usually I do not  analyze specific stocksThis time making an exception ,for those who invest in this share, and those who want to know a little more technically view on VW sharesso lets start from the psychological aspect and the fundamental i will not Expand too much it can be read around the…

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